Native Plant Applications and Information


Welcome to the Plant Steward Site

I call this 'cause I'm a native plant steward and my interests lie in native plant stewardship. Three major areas (subdomains) within this site provide support to plant-related activities:

  1. Documents Management allows you to quickly search for and retrieve native-plant related documents that I have accumulated or encountered in my role as a native plant steward.

    The document management site is a generic, open source application that is available upon request. It is targeted towards use by small to mid-size non-profits. Documents can be catalogued and retrieved by many different attributes including keywords, responsible committee, and document type(memo, policy, procedure, etc).

  2. Environmental Events is a list of events related to the environmental activities. Events are presented in a condensed list and they are also shown on a calendar for each month.

    Like the document mananagement application, this calendar application is a generic, open source package, that is targeted towards small to mid-size non-profits and is available upon request.

  3. The Lake Wilderness Arboretum Plant Patrol is a group of volunteers that support the Tahoma (Maple Valley) schood district. This set of web pages describes the program and the requirements for becoming a member of the Plant Patrol.

The software used on this site is open source and available from me (see contact info).

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