Lake Wilderness Arboretum Plant Patrol

- Native Plant Enthusiasts Supporting Students in the Arboretum -



(Or better yet, join the Plant Patrol)

Are you:

  • Knowledgeable about native plants?
  • Predisposed towards assisting in the education of children?

Would you be willing to:

  • Help Tahoma School District (Maple Valley) elementary students learn about native plants?
  • Help teach fourth-graders about native plants using the Lake Wilderness Arboretum as the setting?

If so, volunteer to join our "Plant Patrol" - a group of volunteers who assist fourth grade teachers during field trips at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum or during natural science activities in the classroom. During these in-school or Arboretum events, students would be working on lessons in workbooks developed by their teacher. You would be invited to help out at 1-4 of these 45-90 minute events per year and, of course, you could choose to accept or not accept an invitation, depending on your availability.

For more details about the Plant Patrol and how you can join to enhance young student's learning experience in the study of our natural environment, see our Plant Patrol Details or email John Neorr, Native Plant Steward, at or call him at 253-631-4727.

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