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About Us

The Lake Wilderness Arboretum Plant Patrol is a group of people, knowledgeable about Washington State's native plants, who assist Tahoma (Maple Valley) school teachers who want to conduct field trips to study the natural environment, especially native plants. Typically, Plant Patrol members accompany students as they complete their natural science lessons/assignments (developed by the teacher) in the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. Plant Patrol members, with their unique knowlege of plants, help buttress and enhance the student's learning experience as they explore and observe the natural environment.

The initial focus of the plant patrol will be the fourth grade classes of Lake Wilderness Elementary. The plan is to support more classes and schools in the future as dictated by initial results. Also, although the intial focus is on out-of-doors activities, Patrol members may be called on occasionally to help classroom activites.

The Plant Patrol is supported by two organizations:

  1. The Central Puget Sound (CPS) chapter of the Native Plant Society assists the plant patrol, by providing members to the patrol and with miscellaneous administrative support. Note that even though many members of the Plant Patrol are Native Plant Society members, some are not. It is not a requirement to be a Native Plant Society member to be a member of the Plant Patrol.

  2. The Lake Wilderness Arboretum Foundation (LWAF) supports the Plant Patrol, providing website support, advertising, and promotion. They work with the school district promoting the Plant Patrol and help coordinate school district requirements with Plant Patrol support.

The Plant Patrol coordinator is John Neorr, a Washington Native Plant Steward. He is a member of both the South Sound and CPS chapters of the Washington Native Plant Society.

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